Swinger Terms and Definitions

Here is a glossary of the definitions to some common terms you might hear when visiting Freedom Acres or any lifestyle club or event.

Term Definition
Bare Back Bare Back refers to having intercourse without the use of a condom. This can be risky and is generally not advised in the lifestyle.
Bicurious A person interested in engaging in sexual activities with a person of the same sex.
Bisexual Bisexuality is very common in the lifestyle with women. It is not only is it socially acceptable, but it is often encouraged. Bisexuality with men is typically not socially acceptable and not very common in public.
Bull A male looking for casual sex with a female. Whether they are single or part of a couple, men that are considered bulls are typically well endowed.
Closed-door swinging The practice of swapping partners and having sex separately in different rooms (although normally in the same building).
DP or Double Penetration A woman who has sex with two guys at the same time. It involves one penis in the vagina the other in the butt.
Exhibitionists A couple which enjoys having sex in public, especially for the pleasure of Voyeurs. They are not necessarily swingers.
Full-swap The practice of exchanging, or swapping, partners and having full sex.
GG or Girl-on-Girl When two women engage sexually and the male partners just watch and/or join their partners, but do not have any interaction with the other person’s partner.
Group Sex Is a group of people all having sex. This is generally what most people think swingers do all the time, however, it is not typical. Swinging generally consists of two or three couples. And, remember, even if you are in a group situation, you still must ask permission to join.
Hall Pass This means that one of the individuals has permission from their partner to play on their own.
MFM of FMF MFM stands for Male, Female, Male, meaning two men with one woman in a threesome. FMF stands for Female, Male, Female, meaning two women with one man in a threesome.
Off Premise An Off Premise club or event is an event where sexual activates do not take place at the event. These events typically take place at a hotels or at a Meet & Greet party. These events also sometimes sell alcohol.
On Premise An On Premise club or event is where sexual activities take place at the event. On Premise clubs and events are typically BYOB. On Premise clubs and event have areas or rooms set up for people to have sex or play. Freedom Acres is an On Premise resort.
Polyamory or Poly Sometimes referred to as an “open-relationship”, a polyamorous relationship is one in which the couple does not believe in a sexual and intimate monogamous relationship. As such, they are open to loving other people with each other’s consent. This is often confused with swinging, but it is not the same. A swinging couple may be polyamorous or vice versa, but not always.
Safe Word or Phrase A private and polite way to communicate to your partner that you are uncomfortable with the situation or you are ready to leave, such as, “I need to take a break.”
Same-room swinging The practice of having sex simultaneously in the same room with another couple and watching each other. This may or may not include a full or soft swap.
Soft-swap Soft Swap is when couples exchanges partners but activities are limited to kissing, oral sex and/ or heavy petting.
Swinger A person who enjoys swapping their sexual partner with another. It can be soft-swapping or full-swapping.
Swing Party A swing party or activity that is a privately organized event. To attend you have to either belong to a swinging community or get otherwise invited.
The Lifestyle The Lifestyle is a modern term for swingers. It includes people that are sexually open minded in general.
Threesome Sex involving three persons. This could be MFM (Male, Female, Male) or FMF (Female, Male, Female).
Unicorns A single woman, sometimes bisexual, available to join others in the lifestyleThey are called unicorns because they are pretty rare, many have never seen one, but they do exist!
Vanilla Vanilla refers to something that is non-Lifestyle.
Voyeur These are people that enjoy watching others have sex and may not necessarily swingers. Voyeurs should only watch people with their consent.

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